Superset Adds Circuits to Superset Sheets

Discover how circuits offers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and precision for creating client workout programs.

NEW YORK, NY // October 3rd, 2023 – Superset is thrilled to announce the launch of circuits in Superset Sheets. This exciting addition improves upon their spreadsheet-style programming tool and enhances the client workout experience.

Circuits is designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating effective workout routines for clients.

Custom circuits: Sheets allows coaches to design circuits or “supersets” tailored to their clients’ specific fitness goals and needs.

No limits: Create one or multiple circuits within a workout, giving coaches the flexibility they need to design varied and engaging routines.

Speed is key: Duplicate entire workouts to replicate circuits effortlessly, saving valuable time when working with multiple clients.

Want to see circuits in action? Click here to watch the demo.

This feature launch also includes essential updates and improvements to Superset Sheets, enhancing the overall user experience for both coaches and clients. These enhancements include:

Keyboard Shortcuts: The addition of keyboard shortcuts simplifies data entry, making it quicker and more intuitive for coaches to input exercises, sets, reps, and create circuits.

Text notification fixes: In the US, coaches will now get text notifications about client activity – see when a workout or check-in is completed or a message is sent.

Exercise Preview: Coaches can preview workouts while they’re building client programs, providing a visual representation of the workout.

Bulk Row Operations: The ability to delete or insert multiple rows at a time streamlines the program creation process.

Drag and Drop Updates: Improved drag-and-drop functionality ensures a smoother workflow within Sheets.

Superset’s innovative approach to workout programming is a testament to their commitment to providing coaches with user-friendly and effective tools to elevate their coaching services.

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