Trainerize is confusing, Superset is a breeze

Coaches are making the switch from Trainerize to Superset. Coach clients better with unlimited clients, a branded link in bio website, and all-in-one client tools.

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Why are people switching from Trainerize to Superset?

How do I try using Superset?
To get a free demo and trial of Superset, click here to join the list! No payment details or committment required.

How much does Superset cost?
100% free for any active clients that you bring with you (if you’re migrating from a different platform, we include free white-glove migration). For customers you earn through Superset, we offer friendly pricing as you scale.

Are there any hidden fees using Superset?
No. Before we onboard you, we pair you with a pricing plan that fits where you’re at in your business.

Are there any limits on content, products, or clients?
No. Superset’s mission is to help you become as successful as possible. We don’t want to limit you. In fact, we meet with you monthly to help grow your business.

What makes you different than other platforms?
Our UX, UI, and team is best-in-class, and we have the best investors and advisors in the business. Prior to building Superset, we designed, built, and launched digital products at companies like TrueCoach, TRX, Spotify, Airbnb, eBay, and Google.

Do your tools support 1:1 coaching?
Yes, Superset v2 is a fully-equipped, modern 1:1 coaching platform. We help you attract, sell to, and coach clients while saving you time and headache.

Do you also support one-to-many products?
Yes, we have powered over $4 million in revenue for creators and business selling one-to-many tools. We support dozens of business owners selling video-based programs and ebooks.

Can I use zoom on Superset?
Yes! It’s easy to embed a link to any tool of your choice: Calendly, Zoom, etc!

I want to try Superset but I haven’t created any content.
That’s totally fine—you can sign up for an account and we’ll give you access to a robust content library and playbook. It’s easy to start selling within 48 hours.

Is Superset an app in the app store?
Superset is both a web-app and a native iOS and Android app in the app store. We are cross platform and device agnostic, meaning that our coaching tools are accessible across several devices—desktop, tablet, mobile-web, and native apps.