Business Strategies for Personal Trainers with Superset’s CEO

Our CEO and co-founder Taylor Pemberton recently joined Rick Richey on the NASM-CPT Podcast to discuss business strategies for personal trainers and fitness coaches. As a former product designer at companies like Airbnb, Google, and Spotify, Taylor brings a unique perspective on applying tech’s lean product design principles to the fitness industry.

In the episode, Taylor shares his journey from college athlete to building Superset, a turn-key operations platform that helps fitness coaches automate client management tasks like payments, contracts, programming, and more. He dives into the importance of creating frictionless user experiences for both coaches and clients.

Taylor and Rick cover a range of topics relevant for fitness professionals looking to start or scale their coaching business. They discuss the benefits of productized services, tips for converting leads into long-term clients, and how Superset is empowering coaches with better business systems and tools.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why spreadsheets are still the programming tool of choice for most coaches, and how Superset is building on that insight.
  • How to structure your client payment plans to maximize revenue.
  • The role of AI and new technologies in the future of coaching.


(01:04) Taylor’s background as an athlete and product designer

(03:58) The origin story and mission behind Superset

(07:32) Why business systems are critical for coaching success

(12:17) Considering 28-day payment cycles to maximize revenue

(16:24) The benefits of accepting digital payments and wallets

(21:39) Are AI tools a threat to personal trainers?

(26:57) Simplifying the concept of a “sales funnel” for fitness professionals

(32:05) Cultivating long-term client relationships

(35:28) How to connect with Taylor and learn more about Superset

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