Superset Launches New Column in Sheets, Empowering Coaches and Clients

NEW YORK, NY / February 27th, 2024 – Today, Superset is excited to announce a new feature that marks a leap forward in their workout builder: the introduction of the “Notes column” in Superset Sheets. This feature is designed to give coaches yet another way to improve how they deliver workouts to clients.

Precision programming

With the rollout of Notes, Superset continues to deliver innovative solutions that address the nuanced needs of fitness professionals and their clients.

Notes is a free-form text-entry column in Superset Sheets. Coaches can add tempo, reps in reserve, and personalized exercise instruction for every exercise.

The introduction of Notes complements Superset’s existing suite of features in Sheets, and offers a clear, organized space for programming any type of workout.

Wrapping Up

Superset’s launch of Notes is more than just another feature; it’s a step forward in empowering fitness professionals to deliver personalized, precise, and easy-to-use workout programs to clients. 

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