Superset vs. My PT Hub

My PT Hub alternative
at a fraction of the cost

My PT Hub is a new platform for online coaches and trainers. With fewer hoops to jump through, Superset offers a simpler and more powerful workflow solution.

Add in the introduction of Superset Sheets, and no other platform compares to Superset’s “spreadsheet to fitness app” generator.

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The modern spreadsheet built for fitness coaches

Works just like Excel or Google Sheets except built specifically for fitness coaches. Deliver stunning client workouts on iOS & Android.

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Automated check-ins that work for you

My PT Hub has a host of features including nutrition plans, habit tracking, and integrations. In our experience, we found them hard to use and “clunky.”

Superset’s check-in experience is streamlined and easy for coaches and clients to use.

Better payment plan options

Everyone loves a payday. Why wait? With Superset’s payment flexibility, you can create custom payment offers (one-time, subscription, installments) every month.

We also support 28-day billing cycles. Read why.

Tools built for online fitness pros

Superset excels when it comes to online fitness coaches. Whether you’re just starting out, or have an established business, we serve every type of trainer. But don’t take our word for it.

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Superset vs. My PT Hub
features and pricing
Comparing Superset vs. My PT Hub Superset My PT Hub
Free plan
Entry pricing (unlimited clients) $39/mo $55/mo
Free migrations
Unlimited clients
Unlimited programs
Lead management tools
Free Stripe integration
1:1 application forms
Free opt-in programs
One-to-many programs
Check-in forms
24/7 support
Custom colors/theming
Onboarding forms

Superset is built different

Client programming isn’t rocket science, yet other platforms force you into a box and make you learn yet another app.

Not Superset. We know that spreadsheets are the simplest format. So why bother changing it?

We’re willing to get behind our products. So much so, that if you don’t like us within 60 days, we’ll refund you completely.

Less is more

Our team is building Superset as the simplest and most efficient coaching tool while avoiding feature bloat and clunkiness.

After working alongside thousands of coaches, we understand current platforms fail to deliver the tools needed to manage a modern-day coaching business. We’re here to change that.

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“Superset is so easy. All other coaching platforms are just too much. I love that I can create programs like I would in Google Sheets and deliver them to clients in a beautiful format.”

Chris Casner IFBB Pro & Coach