The Case for Charging Fitness Clients Every 28 Days

Last year, the Superset team got an email from a coach requesting we support 28-day (4 week) billing periods.

At first, I thought it was an odd request. “Is it all that different from monthly?” I thought.

But after hearing why, it made so much sense….

If we haven’t met, I’m Noah. I’m a performance coach, writer, and growth-marketer here in NYC.

I work for a startup called Superset – we help fitness coaches manage their business online and deliver workouts to clients.

I have nothing to sell you; I’m just trying to help, from one coach to another 🙂

More money, less months

When we asked why this coach preferred 4-week billing periods, he said it’s because he can make 13 months pay in 12. I leaned in, intrigued…

“Charging clients on a 4-week cadence – instead of every month – gives me an extra payment period every year,” he said.

This is because in every month, except February, there’s more than 28 days.

And when you add up all those extra days throughout the year, you get 29 days. Which means there’s one more billing period left in the year.

But ONLY, if you charge clients every 4 weeks (28 days).

  • 28 x 12 = 336

  • 28 x 13 = 364

  • 365 – 336 = 29

It all started to make sense. But I still wondered, “Should you charge clients less then?”

Nope! Our friend didn’t. He says you’re “properly compensating yourself.”

And I agree. Why should you charge the same price if some months are longer than others? You shouldn’t!

But charging different prices every month doesn’t really make sense either, so this is an easy solution to make a bit more throughout the year.

Weekly payments in Superset

Inspired by our coach friend, we added this as a feature to Superset!

Coaches using Superset now have the option to set up recurring payments every 1, 2, or 4 weeks, giving them a deeper level of billing customization.

Want to check it out yourself? Sign up for free.

If you’re interested in squeezing in one more billing cycle every year, consider 4-week billing periods.

Want to chat more? Email me [email protected]



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