3 Best Trainerize Alternatives in 2024

What should you look for in a Trainerize alternative? From our experience, there are six main factors:

  1. It should be easy to create workout programs and assign them to clients.
  2. You shouldn’t be penalized and forced to pay more when your business grows.
  3. Client check-ins should be a feature.
  4. It should be easy to link Google Sheets/Docs programs, or other resources, for your clients.
  5. You should be able to collect, qualify, and onboard new clients in one place.
  6. The software should be simple and user friendly.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Superset (our software) excels in the above areas. Then, we’ll list two other Trainerize competitors to help you make a more informed decision.

If you feel that Superset is the right fit for your company, you can sign up for free or check out our library of free coach resources.

Trainerize Alternatives

  1. Superset
  2. Truecoach
  3. Everfit


Factor #1 Workout Builder that Functions like a Spreadsheet

We built Superset Sheets so that it’s easy and familiar to trainers. It works just like a spreadsheet.

  1. Familiar spreadsheet-like programming. Works like Excel or Sheets except built specifically for fitness coaches.
  2. Deliver a modern app experience. Clients like apps. Coaches like sheets. With Superset, you get the power of both.
  3. One place for all your work — No more clicking back and forth between tabs; everything you need in one canvas.

You won’t have to waste time learning our software to create workout programs.

Want to try it out before signing up? We built a version of our workout editor that doesn’t require an account. Play around with it here.

Factor #2 No Client Limits When You Sign Up for Superset

Paying more for each new client can be frustrating. Why should you be penalized for making more money? It’s your business after all!

In our experience, it makes more sense to let you onboard as many new clients as you want.

This is why, for anyone that signs up for a paid account, we let coaches add as many clients as they’d like.

This ensures that your costs stay low, leaving you with more money to take home at the end of every month.

Factor #3 Send Check-ins to Clients and Create Automations

We’ve asked thousands of coaches about client check-ins.

The overwhelming consensus is that coaches benefit from sending check-ins to their clients.

  • Offer accountability and create upsells in your pricing/packaging.
  • Never let a client feel lost or misguided.
  • See how clients are progressing without needing to contact them.
  • Customize check-in forms to ask anything you want to know about your clients.

Superset allows coaches to send custom check-in questions to their clients. Ensuring clients stay on track.

Factor #4 Easily Integrate with Google Sheets, Docs, and Drive

With Superset, you can integrate any link to populate in the client app.

This allows coaches who use Google Sheets or Docs to share workouts with clients in a modern fitness app. Instead of sending links via email or text, saving time and headache.

Want to see how it works? Watch this video to see how we integrate our free resources into Superset.

Factor #5 An Entire Sales Funnel Built for You

We believe every coach should have a sales funnel when they sign up for a coaching platform.

In Superset, we make this seamless. From your leads dashboard, you can collect, qualify, and convert leads into customers! All in one place.

Say goodbye to the days of chasing down leads 👋

Factor #6 Simplicity Above All Else

We hear it all the time — “Superset is so much simpler than other platforms.”

Compared to the other platforms in this article, Superset is far and away the easiest to use. Coaches tell us all the time that they choose Superset because it’s “user-friendly.”

When we were first building Superset, being “simple” was one of our core pillars. And it still is. Every feature we release, we’ll keep it simple and functional.

Interested in trying out Superset?

Sign up for a free here or check out our free coach resources.


We often get customers asking us how Superset is different from Truecoach, since they’re one of the most well-known players in the online personal training space.

For that reason, we published an in-depth article (see here) that answers that question. And very directly lays out the difference between our products.


Similar to Truecoach, we also published an article (see here) that lays out how Superset compares to Everfit.

If you feel Superset is the right fit for your business, you can sign up for free here or check out our library of free resources.

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