Frequently Asked Questions About Switching to Superset

Superset helps you build, manage, and grow your fitness business.

We support personal trainers and fitness creators across the spectrum. From those starting out to established businesses raking in millions of dollars in annual revenue.

In this article, we’ll cover a few commonly asked questions about switching to Superset. These include…

  • How do I get started?

  • Does Superset offer white labeling?

  • Do we have RPE, rest, and tempo?

  • What kinds of forms can I host in Superset?

  • What are the different payment types I can create in Superset?

  • Does Superset charge per client?

  • How can I preview what the client app will look like?

By the end of this piece, you’ll know whether Superset is the right fit for your business.

How do I get started?

Getting started on Superset is easy. Follow the steps below…

  1. Sign up for a free trial at

  2. Watch this video for an overview of the platform.

  3. Schedule a demo with our team.

  4. Onboard your first client and create a payment offer.

  5. That’s it!

If you have questions about getting started, email us at [email protected]

Does Superset offer white labeling?

We do! Coaches can submit their logo to generate a custom app icon for their business.

When clients download the Superset mobile app, your logo will show. This adds a nice touch for clients, and makes your business pop.

Superset also offers custom color themes.

Do we have RPE, rest, and tempo?

Yes. Superset Sheets comes with all the bells and whistles.

When you open Superset Sheets, you’ll find dedicated columns for weight, RPE, and rest.

You have the option to disable any of these columns if you prefer programming without them.

In addition to RPE and rest, Superset supports setting a tempo for each exercise. Coaches can type a tempo in the notes column, or any other tips they wish to add.

Want a full breakdown of Superset Sheets? Check out this video.

What kinds of forms can I host on Superset?

On the pro plan, coaches can customize their application, check-in, and onboarding forms.

Application form are used to collect leads, qualify them, and convert them to paying clients.

During the qualifying process, coaches can add an onboarding form to their client’s profile, allowing them to assess their new client even further.

Check-ins are for…. You guessed it, checking in.

Superset helps coaches automate the check-in process. We send hundreds of check-ins per day on behalf of coaches, helping them save time and focus on coaching.

Together, these forms help coaches get new clients, onboard them, and ensure they’re making progress. And each form is fully customizable!

What are the different payment types I can create in Superset?

Here’s a list of the different payment types you can create in Superset:

  • Pay in full

    • One-time payments

  • Weekly recurring

    • Every week

    • Every two weeks

    • Every four weeks (28-days)

  • Monthly recurring

    • Every month

    • Every 3 months (quarterly)

  • Installments

    • Billing for a fixed number of installments (in months)

Superset integrates with Stripe, making getting paid for your services a breeze.

Does Superset charge per client?

Never! When your business grows, we don’t penalize you.

No matter what tier you choose, you can onboard an unlimited number of clients.

This helps coaches who are getting started and well-established business.

If you want to learn more about our pricing, click here.

How can I preview what the client app will look like?

Coaches can preview workouts in Superset Sheets. Or create test accounts to preview the full Superset experience.

To preview workouts, click the eye (👁️) icon above the workout you’re programming.

To create a test account, follow these steps…

  1. Sign into Superset.

  2. From your client dashboard, tap “Add client”.

  3. Enter an email different from the one you signed up with. Example: [email protected]

  4. Follow the steps in the email to complete the signup process.

  5. Add a workout program, payment offer, and onboarding form to test the full client experience in Superset.

Wrapping Up

Want to learn more about Superset?

Sign up for a free trial and schedule a demo.

Happy coaching 💪💙

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