Top Gyms for Personal Trainers in New York City

Finding the right gym in the city can be tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need state-of-the-art facilities, privacy, or convenient locations for you and your clients, we’ve compiled a list of the top gyms in New York City for independent trainers.

Each gym offers something unique, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your coaching style and client needs. Here’s our list at a glance…

Let’s go

Hype Gym

  • Facilities: Huge space with Keiser equipment, an in-house doctor, PTs, and a community that focuses on research-backed training.

  • Cost: $45 per single session, packages available.

  • Website: 

The Strength Club

  • Facilities: One of the largest turfs in NYC, Panatta dual equipment, perfect for hosting fitness classes or events.

  • Cost: $40 per single session, packages available.

  • Website:

Sky Health

  • Facilities: Super clean gym focusing on personal training and physical therapy working together to improve movement. Rooftop views are unbeatable.

  • Cost: Starts at $39 per single session, then varies with packages.

  • Website:

Studio 16

  • Facilities: A straightforward gym that feels like walking into your own home gym, with 6 locations throughout the city.

  • Cost: $40 per single session, packages available.

  • Website:

Nylo Fitness

  • Facilities: 2-level gym with only 5 trainers and 5 clients at a time, perfect for upscale clients needing more privacy and exclusivity.

  • Cost: $49 per single session, packages available.

  • Website:

The right gym for you should align with your training philosophy, be within a reasonable distance for you and your clients, and fit within your budget. Consider what you value most in a training space—be it equipment, atmosphere, or flexibility—and make your choice accordingly.

Did we miss any gems? If you know of other great spots for independent trainers in NYC, share your recommendations by emailing us at [email protected]. Your insight could help fellow trainers find their ideal training ground.

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