Best Learning Resources for Personal Trainers

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Here are 23 of the best learning resources for personal trainers!

1. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Vol.2

The “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, Volume 2” from the CDC is an essential resource for fitness professionals. It outlines the recommended amounts and types of physical activity for different age groups, emphasizing the vital role of exercise in maintaining and enhancing overall health.

These guidelines are crucial for designing client-specific workout programs, as they provide evidence-based recommendations on moderate and vigorous physical activities. They also explore the significant impact of exercise on managing and preventing chronic diseases, improving mental health, and enhancing the quality of life.

2. Detailed Supplement Overviews & Research is an indispensable resource for fitness coaches seeking in-depth, unbiased information on supplements. It stands out for its rigorous approach to supplement analysis, offering detailed overviews based on the latest scientific research.

The site covers a wide range of supplements, providing insights into their effectiveness, potential health benefits, and safety considerations. This is invaluable for trainers who need to recommend supplements based on evidence rather than anecdote or marketing hype.

3. Stronger by Science – Podcast

The “Stronger by Science” podcast is a goldmine for fitness professionals looking to deepen their knowledge in strength training and science-based fitness.

Hosted by experts in the field, it offers insightful discussions on a wide array of topics, including cutting-edge training techniques, nutritional strategies, and the latest research in exercise science.

Each episode is packed with actionable information that can be applied directly to training programs, making it an invaluable resource for staying updated with the latest trends and scientific advancements in fitness. This podcast is perfect for trainers who are committed to evidence-based practice and continuous learning in the realm of physical fitness.

4. Precision Nutrition Macro Calculator

The Precision Nutrition Macro Calculator is an exceptional tool for personal trainers and nutrition coaches focused on providing personalized nutrition guidance. It simplifies the complex task of calculating the optimal balance of macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) for individual client needs.

This calculator factors in various elements like age, gender, activity level, and specific fitness goals, offering tailored recommendations that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of nutrition plans.

Easy to use and highly informative, it’s an invaluable asset for trainers aiming to deliver precise, goal-oriented nutritional advice, ensuring clients receive well-rounded, scientifically-backed guidance for their dietary needs.

5. Justin’s Weight Journal & Exercise Log

This weight journal and exercise log is a highly practical and customizable tool, ideal for tracking client progress in weight management and exercise routines.

Hosted on Google Sheets, this accessible resource allows both trainers and clients to monitor changes in weight, track workout details, and observe trends over time.

The user-friendly format encourages regular updates and easy analysis of data, making it a valuable aid in assessing the effectiveness of training programs and dietary plans.

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6. Superset’s Macros & TDEE Calculator

Superset’s Macros & TDEE Calculator is specifically tailored for fitness coaches, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool to calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and optimal macronutrient distribution.

Utilizing this tool enhances a trainer’s ability to provide scientifically-based nutritional advice, facilitating more effective and tailored approaches to meeting clients’ dietary and fitness objectives.

7. Picture Fit – YouTube Channel

The Picture Fit YouTube channel is an exceptional educational resource for both fitness professionals and their clients. It specializes in breaking down complex fitness and nutrition concepts into easily digestible, engaging videos.

The content ranges from explaining workout techniques to debunking common fitness myths, making it an excellent tool for trainers to recommend to clients for additional learning.

The channel’s clear, straightforward approach helps demystify the science behind fitness, empowering viewers with knowledge and encouraging informed health and exercise decisions.

8. Sorta Healthy – YouTube Channel

The Sorta Healthy YouTube channel is great for personal trainers, offering a wealth of educational content focused on enhancing training skills and business strategies.

This channel stands out for its practical approach, providing real-world tips, effective training techniques, and strategies for client retention and engagement.

The videos cover a broad range of topics pertinent to the daily challenges and opportunities faced by personal trainers (online and IRL). Whether it’s about refining coaching methods or navigating the business aspects of personal training, Sorta Healthy delivers insights in an accessible and engaging format, making it a must-follow for trainers committed to continuous improvement and excellence in their field.

9. Revive Stronger – Podcast

The Revive Stronger podcast is a treasure trove for fitness professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise. This podcast delves deep into the realms of bodybuilding, strength training, and dieting, featuring interviews with renowned experts and researchers in the field.

Each episode is packed with detailed discussions on training methodologies, nutrition strategies, and the science of muscle growth and fat loss. It’s an excellent resource for trainers who want to base their coaching on the latest scientific evidence and best practices.

Listening to Revive Stronger is not just educational, but also inspirational, offering new ideas and perspectives that can be directly applied to improve client results and training experiences.

10. Propane Fitness (Jonny & Yusef) – Business Coaches

Propane Fitness, led by fitness experts Jonny and Yusef, is a remarkable resource for personal trainers aiming to expand and optimize their business.

Their course offers a wealth of knowledge on building a successful online training business, combining fitness expertise with smart entrepreneurship.

They provide practical, actionable advice on client acquisition, program design, and leveraging digital tools to enhance business efficiency. Following Propane Fitness is a smart move for trainers who aspire to not only excel in training but also master the business aspects of the fitness industry.

11. Online Trainer Academy by Johnathan Goodman

The Online Trainer Academy, created by Johnathan Goodman, is a comprehensive training program specifically designed for fitness professionals looking to establish or enhance their online training business.

This academy provides in-depth guidance on creating effective online training programs, marketing strategies, client communication techniques, and business management skills. It’s an invaluable resource for personal trainers seeking to navigate the digital landscape of the fitness industry successfully.

The program ensures that trainers not only learn the theory behind online training but also how to apply these concepts effectively in their business. This academy is a must for trainers who are serious about expanding their reach and impact in the online fitness world.

12. $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

$100M Offers” by Alex Hormozi is an insightful book for fitness professionals looking to elevate their business strategies. This book dives into the art of creating and presenting irresistible offers that compel clients to engage.

Hormozi shares valuable lessons on understanding customer needs, structuring services, and pricing strategies to maximize value and profitability. His approach combines practicality with innovative techniques, making it a compelling read for trainers wanting to differentiate their services in a competitive market.

13. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau is a must-read for personal trainers aspiring to create impactful businesses with minimal investment. This book is a guide to turning passions into profitable ventures.

Guillebeau focuses on how to start small while thinking big, providing real-world examples of individuals who have successfully built businesses with limited resources. The book offers practical tips on identifying marketable skills, developing a customer base, and leveraging lean methodologies for business growth.

14. REPS by Layne Norton

Research Explained in Practical Summaries (REPS), offered by Biolayne, is an essential resource for fitness professionals who want to stay at the forefront of evidence-based training and nutrition.

This review translates complex research studies into practical, easy-to-understand summaries, making it simpler for trainers to keep up with the latest scientific findings in the fitness and nutrition world.

REPS covers a wide range of topics, from muscle building and fat loss to dietary supplements and health trends, providing actionable insights that can be directly applied to training programs and dietary advice.

15. Dr. Peter Attia’s Exclusive Membership

Dr. Peter Attia’s exclusive membership offers a deep dive into the world of health, longevity, and performance optimization. His subscription-based platform provides access to a wealth of premium content, including Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, in-depth articles, and the ‘Qualys’ – short insights focusing on practical health and wellness tips.

Attia, a renowned physician with a focus on the science of longevity, shares his extensive knowledge and research in a format that is both accessible and engaging for fitness professionals.

His evidence-based approach covers a wide range of topics from metabolic health to exercise physiology, making it an invaluable resource for trainers who are serious about incorporating scientific principles into their practice for the enhancement of their clients’ health and performance.

16. The Muscle and Strength Pyramids by Eric Helms

The Muscle and Strength Pyramids” by Eric Helms, Andrea Valdez, and Andy Morgan is a fundamental resource for fitness professionals aiming to master the principles of muscle building and strength training.

This guide distills complex scientific concepts into practical strategies, focusing on evidence-based approaches to training and nutrition. The book is split into two parts: one for training and the other for nutrition, each providing a hierarchical model to prioritize the most important elements for effective program design.

It’s ideal for trainers seeking to deepen their understanding and refine their approach to both exercise programming and dietary guidance.

17. Interval Timer

The Interval Timer is an excellent tool for fitness professionals who incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into their sessions.

Available for both iOS and Android, this user-friendly app allows trainers to create custom timer sequences for interval workouts, making it easier to manage and time exercise and rest periods accurately.

Its simplicity and versatility make it suitable for a variety of training styles, from circuit training to Tabata. The app enhances workout efficiency and helps maintain a rigorous training pace, ensuring clients get the most out of their HIIT sessions.

18. Superset App

The Superset Coach Platform is a dynamic tool designed for fitness professionals seeking to streamline their coaching process. This app provides an all-in-one solution for managing client workouts, tracking progress, and communicating effectively.

Its intuitive interface allows for easy creation of customized workout plans, nutrition guidance, and progress monitoring. The app facilitates a more organized and efficient approach to personal training, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

For those looking to elevate their coaching services with technology, Superset is a top choice.

19. Brad Schoenfeld – Who to follow

Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., is a highly respected figure in the field of fitness and strength training, known for his expertise in muscle hypertrophy and fat loss. Following him on social will leave you with a constant stream of valuable insights and evidence-based training tips.

Schoenfeld regularly shares the latest research findings, practical workout advice, and motivational content. His posts often include detailed explanations and demonstrations, making complex scientific principles understandable and applicable for everyday training scenarios.

20. Sohee Lee – Who to follow

Sohee Lee is a renowned fitness expert and coach, celebrated for her evidence-based approach to strength training and nutrition. Giving her a follow on Instagram, fitness professionals can access a wealth of practical advice, motivational insights, and scientifically grounded training techniques.

Lee specializes in translating complex scientific concepts into accessible, applicable content, making her an invaluable resource for trainers seeking to enhance their practice and client results.

Her focus on sustainable fitness practices, mental health, and debunking fitness myths provides a well-rounded perspective beneficial for both personal and professional development in the fitness industry.

21. Alan Aragon – Who to follow

Alan Aragon is a prominent figure in the field of nutrition and fitness research, widely respected for his evidence-based approach.

His Instagram account is a treasure trove for fitness professionals, offering cutting-edge insights into nutrition science, diet trends, and effective training methods.

Aragon excels in debunking nutrition myths and presenting complex research in an easily digestible format. His posts often include critical analyses of popular diets and supplements, making it a valuable resource for trainers who want to provide their clients with accurate and scientifically-backed nutritional advice.

22. How to perform skinfold measurements

Learning how to perform skinfold measurements is an essential skill for fitness professionals aiming to accurately assess body composition.

This technique involves measuring the thickness of skinfolds at specific body sites to estimate body fat percentage. Proper training in this method is crucial, as it requires precision and consistency for reliable results.

Mastering skinfold measurements allows trainers to track clients’ fat loss progress effectively and adjust their training and nutrition plans accordingly. It’s a valuable, non-invasive tool that provides more insight than traditional scales, helping to paint a clearer picture of a client’s overall physical changes and health improvements.

23. Superset’s Exercise Video Library

Superset’s Exercise Video Library is a comprehensive resource for fitness professionals seeking a reliable reference for exercise demonstrations and techniques. This extensive library features a wide array of exercises, each presented with clear, high-quality videos that demonstrate proper form and technique.

It’s an invaluable tool for ensuring that trainers can effectively communicate and demonstrate exercises to their clients, reducing the risk of injury and improving workout effectiveness.

The library covers various fitness levels and types of exercises, making it a versatile resource for trainers working with diverse client populations.

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