Superset’s Client App Now Available on Android

NEW YORK, NY / November 3rd, 2023 – Superset is thrilled to unveil their latest feature update: Superset on Android. With this launch, clients can experience the power and flexibility of Superset right from their Android devices. Need help downloading the app? Click here.

Bringing Fitness to Your Fingertips with Android

Stepping into the Android domain, Superset ensures an even more convenient experience for clients:

Tailored Just for You: Clients can access personalized plans, immersive workouts, and real-time check-ins from their coach – all on their trusted Android device.

Expanding Horizons: Stepping into the vast Android market means tapping into millions of potential new clients globally, giving coaches a chance to expand their reach like never before.

Integrate, Elevate, Celebrate

Superset’s foray into the Android world complements its existing suite of powerful features:

Seamless Transition: Whether on iOS or Android, the Superset experience remains consistent, ensuring that coaches and clients face no hiccups while using the platform.

Peak Performance, Always: Performance remains at the heart of Superset. Our Android app ensures that users experience the same speed, reliability, and efficiency they’ve come to expect from our platform.


Wrapping Up

Superset’s commitment to redefining the fitness landscape is unwavering. The launch of Superset on Android is a testament to their dedication to adapt, innovate, and serve. In an ever-connected world, Superset ensures that fitness coaching is just a tap away, anytime, anywhere.

Dive into the future of fitness coaching at and get started for free today!

About Superset World, Inc

Superset collaborates with coaches across the spectrum, from those embarking on their coaching journey to established businesses raking in annual revenues of $100k, $300k, and even $1 million.

Their track record speaks volumes, with over 1K+ fitness professionals contributing to a staggering $5 million in revenue across the platform.

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