Superset Debuts Exercise History Tool for Client Workout Tracking

NEW YORK, NY // December 13th, 2023 – Superset’s workout player just got better. Clients can now view their exercise history. Workout data like sets, reps, and weight for any given exercise is available in the mobile workout player. This feature gives clients deeper insight into their training and allows them to progress faster. 

Data Where You Need It

The best part about client exercise history? Coaches don’t have to lift a finger.

When a client completes a workout, their data will be automatically logged for future reference. Superset provides this data to clients in the mobile workout player, making it easy and convenient to see that weight they did last while training. No more clicking back and forth between screens. Clients just need to tap an exercise to view their workout history.

Deeper Insight, Better Results

Regardless of how a coach programs, client exercise history enables any coach to provide more value to their clients by easily surfacing past workout data. When a client finishes a workout, you and your client can see that session’s data, shaping a healthier coach-client relationship. 

Superset Sheets Gets an Update

Clients aren’t the only ones who got an update. In Superset Sheets, coaches can now duplicate templates and assigned programs. This feature update makes creating workout programs from scratch obsolete. Watch this demo to see how it’s done.

Seamless Integration

With the launch of client exercise history, clients using the iOS or Android app can progress through their training with a renewed sense of confidence. Superset continues to bridge the gap between technology and fitness training, ensuring that coaching and actionable data are always within reach, anytime, anywhere.

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About Superset, Inc.

Superset collaborates with coaches across the spectrum, from those embarking on their coaching journey to established businesses raking in annual revenues of $100K, $300K, and even $1 million. Their track record speaks volumes, with over 1K+ fitness professionals contributing to a staggering $5 million in revenue across the platform.

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