How to Get Online Fitness Clients Without Being an Influencer

Become a successful online coach without becoming an influencer…

In today’s digital age, it is often believed that success in any field requires a large following on social media platforms. However, this isn’t the truth. You do not have to be an influencer to achieve success as a fitness coach (online or in-person).

Word-of-mouth Marketing

While influencers may have a wide reach, it is the quality of referrals that truly matters. This means that even with a smaller following, a fitness coach can still attract high-quality clients who are genuinely interested in their services.

Our advice? Set up a sales funnel for inbound and outbound messaging. By reaching out to potential clients directly, you can establish a personal connection and showcase your expertise. This approach allows you to bypass the need for a large social media following and focus on building genuine relationships with new clients.

Secret hack: Ask your current clients for referrals. Clients you already coach know the most about you and your services! You can also set up a referral program and reward your clients that bring you more customers. Try messaging them “Hey! Do you know any friends, coworkers, or family that are interested in {your service pitch}?” Then, follow up with: “Awesome! Would you mind putting us in touch?”

Set Up a Place to Manage Your Business

You need a tool that can streamline the process of managing leads and scaling your business. Superset is a great option. By setting up a place to organize leads you can efficiently channel inbound inquiries and convert them into clients.

Email Marketing

By leveraging the power of email, you can directly communicate with your audience and offer valuable content. We suggest offering freebies, such as a 30-day fitness challenge, to build an email list. This not only helps in increasing your reach but also establishes trust and credibility with potential clients.

Here’s a video on how to create your own freebies using one of ours 😉

Showcasing Testimonials

ALWAYS SELL. The most powerful and effective tool is to show your clients’ before and after transformations on your page. Testimonials act as social proof, instilling confidence in potential clients and encouraging them to invest in the coach’s services.

Try this: Take five of your best client testimonials and post them to your IG story to create a story highlight. That way, prospective clients coming to your profile can see that you know your stuff!! Keep adding testimonials to your highlight to keep your following excited about your services. 

Wrapping Up

Even with a smaller following you can still grow your business if you focus on quality referrals and establish genuine connections with potential clients. By utilizing strategies such as cold outreach, email marketing, and visual testimonials, you can achieve your goals without relying on social media popularity.

Become the fitness trainer you’ve always wanted to be today!

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