Superset Launches Custom Workout Notes, Empowering Fitness Coaches

NEW YORK, NY / November 30th, 2023 – This week, Superset is excited to announce the launch of workout notes! Available on iOS and Android, this feature streamlines coach-client communication and helps coaches provide additional value to their clients. Watch the demo.

Detailed Guidance at Your Fingertips

Coaches can now add notes to each workout within a program. Whether it’s detailed instructions, tips on form, or words of motivation, these notes provide valuable insights to help clients maximize their training session.

Real-Time Coaching Experience

As clients follow their workouts, they can access these notes, making it feel like their coach is right there with them, guiding every set and rep.

Deeper Insight, Better Results

This feature isn’t just about instructions; it’s about giving clients a deeper understanding of the workout and the program as a whole. It’s an educational tool that empowers clients to learn and grow beyond the weight room.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Accessibility

Whether clients are using an iOS or Android device, the experience is seamless. Workout Notes are easily accessible, ensuring that every client benefits from this personalized coaching approach.

Wrapping Up

With the launch of workout notes, Superset continues to bridge the gap between technology and personal training, ensuring that effective fitness coaching is always within reach, anytime, anywhere.

Dive into the future of fitness coaching at and get started for free today!

About Superset World, Inc

Superset collaborates with coaches across the spectrum, from those embarking on their coaching journey to established businesses raking in annual revenues of $100k, $300k, and even $1 million.

Their track record speaks volumes, with over 1K+ fitness professionals contributing to a staggering $5 million in revenue across the platform.

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