Enhance Your Clients’ Workouts with Superset’s Custom Exercise Tips

NEW YORK, NY / Nov. 8th, 2023Superset is excited to announce an update that continues to bridge the gap between digital and physical fitness coaching: the introduction of Exercise Tips in Superset Sheets. Click here to watch the demo.

Enhancing Client Confidence

In the realm of virtual fitness, maintaining a strong connection between coach and client is paramount. Superset’s new Exercise Tips feature fosters this connection by allowing coaches to add custom notes to each exercise within a client’s program. 

This ensures that clients never feel lost or alone in the gym – they have their coach’s guidance right at their fingertips.

Key Advantages of Exercise Tips

Attach Notes to Exercises: Coaches can add tips, motivational messages, or specific instructions to each exercise, making clients feel the coach’s presence and support.
Ensure Proper Form and Technique: Through these notes, clients are constantly reminded of the correct form and the nuances of each exercise, reducing the risk of injury.
Versatile Application: Coaches have the flexibility to write tips for both the extensive range of Superset exercises and any custom exercises they have added to their programs.
Empowering Clients Anywhere: With the confidence that comes from having their coach’s wisdom on hand, clients can navigate their workouts independently, reinforcing self-efficacy and determination.


Wrapping Up

Superset remains at the forefront of fitness technology, understanding the evolving landscape of online coaching. By consistently integrating user feedback into feature development, Superset ensures that both coaches and clients are equipped with the best tools to foster success.

Dive into the future of fitness coaching at supersetapp.com and get started for free today!

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About Superset World, Inc

Superset collaborates with coaches across the spectrum, from those embarking on their coaching journey to established businesses raking in annual revenues of $100k, $300k, and even $1 million.

Their track record speaks volumes, with over 1K+ fitness professionals contributing to a staggering $5 million in revenue across the platform.

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