Regain Your Independence with an Alternative to Playbook

Superset and Playbook are similar in that both help creators sell online workout programs in a digital format. But there are several key differences that make Superset a great alternative if you’re wanting to own your independence outright.

1. Sell one-time programs and monthly memberships

We support one-time purchase programs and challenges, and monthly memberships. Playbook only allows monthly offerings inside their app.

2. Set your own prices to build a bigger business

Playbook limits you to $15/month. Creators on Superset are charging $60/month for memberships and $1500+ for one-time purchase products. Superset also gives you full control over your coupons so you can offer an intro deal and price to your customers (Playbook standardizes this to $1).

3. Retain full independence as a creator

Playbook combines all creators into one app and marketplace which includes the Playbook branding as the key entry point into the app. Playbook’s marketplace approach means consumers have the ability to switch creators at any time.

With Superset, you own your customers and brand and your product lives in your own separate universe. We won’t promote other creator’s programs to your customers.

4. Create and view content on any device

Because Superset is a web-app, customers can access your programs and workouts on any device (phones, tablets, and computers!) and all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). Playbook only works if you download the iOS or Android app (which is branded to them).

5. Share and distribute anywhere!

Superset gives you a link for every program and workout you create, which makes it so easy to add your program link to your linktree, IG bio, IG story, email newsletter, YouTube description, or Twitter/Facebook post.

Comparing Superset vs. Playbook

Superset Playbook
Cost $50/mo + 12% rev share 20% rev share
Product types Unlimited one-time programs + challenges, monthly memberships, and one-on-one training programs Only monthly memberships
App type Web-app (iOS, Android). Phones tablets, and computers Native iOS/Android only
App Store tax None since we’re a web-app 30% for in-app purchases
Pricing Set or change your prices at any time $15/mo mandatory
Ownership Your product is branded to you and exists separate from other creators All creators are combined into one app underneath the Playbook brand

Playbook can be great if you’re looking to benefit from their brand, but if you’re looking to stand out on your own while growing your own business, then we’ve got your back. In our opinion, it’s never been more important to retain your independence online.

  • Offer a beautiful, visual, and engaging experience
  • Protect your content and products under a paywall
  • Productize your programs however you’d like
  • Manage/accept payments directly within Superset
  • Stay on-brand with complete creative freedom
  • Edit or add new exercises/workouts at any time
  • Train hundreds of people with just one program

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